Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 3 - June 16th CABO!

The weather cleared up for a beautiful day in Cabo, although the temperatures only stayed in the 70's. Even the locals mentioned that the weather was unusual for them this time of year. I was not complaining, it was finally warm, but not sweltering heat. Our ship anchored out in the bay, since Cabo doesn't have a port that can handle such a large vessel. We boarded tender boats that took us to the pier, where we were immediately greeted by swarms of the local merchants offering to sell us all sorts of souvenirs, or to take us on rides in their glass bottom boats. 
Tricia, Linda & I were able to share an amazing experience. We had the opportunity to swim & interact & play with a dolphin. We were divided into small groups in a large pool that was the home to 5 or 6 dolphins. Each group had their own dolphin that entertained them with all sorts of flips & tricks. I believe there were 3 or 4 other groups in the pool at the same time. I had a blast with our dolphin, Jenny. Personally, I think we got the better end of the deal. You see, Jenny was 4 months pregnant and not quite in the mood to do flips and acrobatics. Instead, she interacted much more with us.
She reminded me of my cats at home. She'd weave herself in and out around our legs like cats do as they're attempting to see if they can trip you, then she'd nuzzle up to us then flip over on her back so we could rub her belly. I'd rather have a more personal dolphin than one that is doing lots of tricks. I guess I like more personal interaction. :)

I think the best part was when Jenny gave us all rides! She took us all around twice, once with us holding on her dorsal fin, and again on her back with us on her belly holding her side fins. I am so thrilled that I had that opportunity, especially happy that I got to share it with my sisters. :)

After the dolphin play time, while I was exploring the water front side of Cabo, I found a booth looking for donations to help build an animal conservancy. As a thanks for a donation, they had a cute little lion cub that was available for cuddles. I couldn't pass that one up. I had her in my arms for only a minute or two and she fell asleep! It was so stinkin adorable! Needless to say, I believe I had two once in a lifetime opportunities in Cabo that day. Very grateful for the experience.

As we were leaving Cabo, we passed by the very southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, appropriately called "Land's End." It was an absolutely beautiful arrangement of majestic boulders jetting up out of the water. There were so many of them, that different ones were visible from different vantage points as the boat was sailing down and around to head back to the Pacific. At one angle, one of the formations looks like a llama! It's great!

Not too long after we passed around Land's End, back onto the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of Cortez, the clouds and fog rolled back in, and our day of blue skies was over.  Aaaah, such beauty I saw that day.


Jaime Theler said...

You are so freakin' lucky! It looks awesome!

Michelle said...

wow im wayyy jealous that you got to swim with the dolphins! Ive always wanted to do that! Looks like you had tons of fun!