Saturday, June 7, 2008

How did I get so lucky?

Back on Memorial Day, I went on a hike with my sweet friend Jessica. We hiked up to the hot springs in Diamond Fork Canyon. It happened to be raining that afternoon, which made the colors so vibrant in all the moisture & filtered light. The dirt and rocks down there were a deep terra-cotta red, in which the depth of color was only intensified while wet. The foliage is still the brighter spring green, which made the scenery absolutely stunning. Because we've actually had some good snowpack this past winter, the river was also swollen & rapid, which only added to the awe at the beauty. 

There were many many times along the trail that I would just stop and take in everything around me and express how beautiful and breathtaking it was. Surprised at the nature I've been missing all this time, so close to home, and at the same time regretting not discovering it earlier.

Of course, my first impression of this canyon was in the rain, so now hiking in the rain holds a special place for me, and I truly believe that everyone should discover somewhere in the rain. It's enchanting. It's breathtaking. It's inspiring. It's cold. ;)

After all my stopping and admiring and gawking and such, we finally reached the hot springs which were tucked up against the side of the canyon wall, right next to a waterfall. Now I thought the scenery along the hike was breathtaking, but I was awe struck seeing the pool next to the waterfall.

I don't think I could create a more serene atmosphere if I tried. The Lord's talent and creativity is sure evident here. Now I want to know what else I'm missing.

Sorry, back to my story. I was telling Lori-ann how beautiful the hike was, and told her "You've got to hike there in the rain if you ever get a chance!" Well, a few weeks later, I planned a day to go hiking up there with Lori-ann & Becky, fully expecting a sunny day, and a new perspective of the canyon. Well, we woke up Wednesday morning to... RAIN!!! How perfect that worked out! I was given the opportunity to experience the beauty in that element again. And how perfect it was that Lori-ann got to experience it in the rain too! This was Becky's second time up, but since her first time up was in the dark and everything was covered in snow, this was like a new experience for her too. I couldn't have planned it better. 

I feel like I'm stumbling over what to say, all I can muster up in "It's just beautiful." Well, it is! But it's more than that. It's something that in my thoughts right now, words can not express. I am just amazed at what is right by my home, and am realizing that there is so much more beauty out there waiting for me to discover, and I can't wait!
I am so thankful to have friends that love and appreciate nature, and am so excited to have somebody excited to explore with me, and not laugh at me when I see something stunning and take in an audible gasp! LOL! Yes, I'm pathetic, I know. But I'm also addicted to this, so there's my excuse. :)

Sooo, for those of you in the Provo area, I highly recommend you take this hike. It's not too hard. It's about 2-2 1/2 miles up to the springs, and the trail is up and down, which gives it some good variety. Plan on about 4 hours for the round trip. 

For those who also have a myspace account, take a look at my hot springs & spring in Utah albums, I have a lot of pictures of my hikes uploaded there.


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