Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Currently on the cruise...

I don't have much time to get on, partly because we are crazy busy with family get togethers and other events, but also because internet isn't as readily available as I originally thought. Here is a very quick update for now, and I'll post a nice loooong story when I get home, I promise.

I was surprised to find that the motion of the boat really affected me. I spent all day Saturday feeling like I was standing on top of a roller coaster, incredibly dizzy, a bit nauseated & flushed, and all over wondering if this was going to be the longest most miserable week of my life. Aaah, but dramamine to the rescue, and now I'm feeling great. Now to get the weather to cooperate. It's been cold, windy, and very foggy. Not exactly ideal cruise weather. But it makes the hot tubs more desirable. :)

Today we spent the day in Cabo San Lucas. While there, I was given two once in a lifetime opportunities, swimming with a pregnant dolphin, and holding a baby lion cub. The weather cleared up just for the afternoon, and I am officially sunburnt on my face. And here I thought my skin would see no sun on this cruise. The landscape in Cabo (once you get away from the ghetto) is absolutely beautiful. Especially land's end. Reminds me of Cannon Beach in Oregon.

Tomorrow is another full day at sea, and is already full of planned activities with the fam. Wednesday is a day on shore at Ensanada, and my only desire is to be able to play frisbee on the beach with somebody. Yes, I'm a simpleton.

I'm having a blast here, and am incredibly grateful for this experience. Okay, I'm off, but I'll post more later in the week, including pictures! :)


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