Monday, July 13, 2009

Some people, and their maturity level showing on the roads.

I've heard about road rage for years, and have gotten a little irritated myself while on the road. But I don't think I've ever experienced actual road rage, and have been afraid of someone else on the road. At the same time, I'm not sure if I've ever had such a strong urge to rear end somebody, as I did the other day. What a day. And what shining examples to Britty as to what NOT to do while on the road. Within a few hours time, too.

Our first encounter happened in the canyon between Heber and Strawberry Reservoir. We were on a stretch of road that the east bounders had two lanes, for many many miles. I was in the right hand lane, speeding a little bit, actually. This huge pick up truck hauling a camping trailer came barreling up behind me, having to slow down as they approached me. This did not make them happy. Despite there being a car in front of me setting my pace, they apparently took it personally that I was purposely slowing down just to spite them. So they passed me. Okay. That's what passing lanes are for. Good riddance to you. As they passed me, the passenger flipped me off. Okay? What did I do? I'm driving, minding my own business, and they flip me off because they are able to pass me? Whatever.

Well, a few miles later, we start to climb a steep hill, and guess what? They're hauling so much weight that they lose momentum going up the hill. Well, I'm not really in the mood to crawl up the hill at 30 mph behind them, so I move into the passing lane, and I pass them, as anyone would have the right to. This time both the driver AND passenger have their arms out of their windows, shaking their fists while telling me that I am number one. And trying to gun it up the hill to pass me again. Seriously! What did I do to them? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just a victim of proximity. So at this point, I was realizing that they probably have guns, and are pissed off enough to use them, albeit unjustified, so I booked it. Did not want them on my trail. Big sigh. Idiots.

A little while later, as we were approaching our destination, we were on another stretch of road that had 2 lanes. As the lanes were merging into one, there was a car in the other lane that was racing me to be in front, even though technically I had the right of way. But being as I am, and not wanting to risk anything, I slowed down and allowed them over. Usually that would result in a friendly "thank you" wave from the other car. Oh no. This resulted in 3 stupid teenagers who had nothing better to do with their time, deciding to mess with me. I'm sure they knew the area well, and knew that the road was one lane for 15 miles or so, with no passing lanes. So they slow down to around 40 mph to see if they could get a rise out of me. Okay, so I slow down to 40. What choice do I have? The next 20 minutes consisted of them looking back at me periodically and laughing. So I knew they weren't just out for the view, but they were slowing down on purpose. I was getting pretty irritated at this point, and if I didn't like my car so much, I'd have sped up and plowed into the back of their little Nissan. But the "Passing lane, 1 mile" sign gave me hope, so I refrained. I said to Britty "I'll bet you anything as soon as they hit the passing lane they'll speed up so I can't pass them." Sure enough. As soon as the second lane appeared, they took off.

Oh, at this point was not going to let them get away with it, and decided to play their game. Shouldn't have, but I did. So I gunned it. And yes, my Pacifica outran their little Nissan. They all stared at me and Britty with "What!? No way!" faces as we passed. I quickly got in front of them. Well, the SUV behind me was also tired of their little slow game, and immediately took the spot in the lane next to me, blocking any possible passing path for the stupid punks. I looked over at the driver in the lane next to me to give him an "I am so sorry, it wasn't me" expression, and was amused to find him looking at me as well, and motioning to me to slow down. So I did. And we coasted side by side, rather slow, enjoying watching the kids behind us swerve from lane to lane, trying to get around us. We kept that pace for the rest of the way into Vernal. Heh heh. Yeah, real mature of me, I know. But once in a while, I play their games and show them how stupid they really are. For my own sanity, of course. I don't have alcohol to fall back on. ;)

Seriously though, drive carefully, not aggressively. Those could have been two potentially dangerous situations. And one persons judgement could cost a life.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

VNV concert

On Friday, Nolan, Britty & I went to see yet another amazing VNV Nation concert. I stayed in the back happily watching in a safe "I'm not gonna get trampled" zone. Britty, however, had to be in the energy of it all. Best place for a teenager, of course.

So Nolan found this video of Friday's concert, and we found Britty! If you pause it and move the scroll bar to 26 seconds, you'll see Britty. There are 2 arms raised right up front, (well, there are a LOT of arms raised, but there are two right up front and are extra illuminated) she is between them, wearing a black and white VNV soccer jersey.