Monday, June 9, 2008

End of the School Year festivities :)

Here's a little taste of what I was doing with the kids during the last few weeks of school. Enjoy! :)

7th & 8th grade field trip to Promontory Point 
(Golden Spike Historical Monument)

Britty & Morgan walking along the tracks

Just a cool perspective, I think.

Sequoia, Morgan & Britty

An old beat up caboose I found.

I got a kick out of how tiny and dwarfed my rather large car looked beside the HUGE bus!

Back at the school, Morgan's waiting for her ride. What a nice pillow.

Wasatch Elementary traditional "End of Year Dance Festival"

Here come the stylin' 1st grade surfin' beach bums!

Forrest and the entire 1st grade doing a 'booty shake'! Too cute!

At this point they were plugging their noses and slowly sinking! Hilarious!!!

Forrest & Mrs. Ord, the sweetest teacher EVER!

5th Grade production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Emma's "makeover" before the play consisted in lavender & pink eyeshadow, lots of blush, and LOTS of glitter!

Emma was cast as the faerie "Cobweb"

Emma (oh, I mean Cobweb) & the other faeries

Britty's guitar recital

This was the view from my seat! Nice, yeah?

Britty & Shelly doing a duet of "Move Along" 

Britty & Morgan 'celebrating' their success. 
Nathan is simply trying to pass out to get their attention.

Last but not least, Britty's 8th Grade Graduation!
Officially moving on to High School now...

Britty, sporting her collar, gave a great speech on achieving dreams through education.

Tyler, Whitney & Britty are very relieved to have their talks done and over with.

I just love that smile!

Yes, that's Heidi.

Even Gram made it! That meant so much to her!

And we end our long couple of weeks by celebrating everyone's success at our favorite restaurant. Mmmm!

And now I sleep...

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