Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 1 - June 14th

This day happened to be our 15th year anniversary! But that wasn't the occasion for the cruise. The cruise celebration was actually for my parent's 50th anniversary. My dad opted to go on a cruise for the milestone celebration instead of having a reception, because "receptions are for old people," as my dad said. No complaints here! I'm thinking that's a wonderful idea! Nolan & I are already planning our 50th celebration. We're liking the idea of Alaska. Of course, we'll have to go between now and then to scout it out. ;)

We arrived at the harbor in San Diego around noon, and a little surprised at the fog lingering in the air. I had hoped it would clear up to give us a picturesque experience, but no, the fog persisted and only thickened the further we were out to sea. It was still beautiful though. Passing by the lighthouse in the fog only added to the experience. Unfortunately I left my camera in my stateroom when we passed by that. :(

We didn't waste time, and immediately gathered for our first night of festivities. Appropriately entertained by Reed, and had Mom & Dad laughing to tears as we were going over our own version of sign language, since we all can't seem to talk without using our hands. :)

Yes, a great start to our trip together. :)

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