Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 4 - June 17th

Another day at sea, which meant more laying around, playing games with the family, and exploring. :) 

We started our day by meeting out on the back of the deck for another group picture, this time wearing our Cowan Clan shirts that were made specifically for this occasion. The image on the shirts was a beautifully detailed Crest that was made up of different images that represented parts of Mom's ancestry, and also Dad's ancestry. Also, as an inside family joke, written on the banner is the Latin translation of "The third number repeated three times." Hahaha! I think Reed did an amazing job, even with him interjecting his sarcasm. It is brilliant.

Nolan & I wandered around the ship for a little bit, and ended up on the front spotting whale pods. I didn't get to see any majestic fins sticking up out of the water, but we were able to see them spouting, and once in a while skimming the surface exposing their dorsal side. It was somewhat comforting to me to know that even out in the middle of nowhere, where we can easily feel so alone, there is all sorts of life abounding all around us.

We couldn't resist the perfect opportunity for a romantic picture... ;) Linda says it looks like the cover of a romance novel. I say nah, I'm not near sexy enough, and I'm dressed too modestly. LOL! Although I will admit that the wind blowing my hair around his shoulder makes a nice effect, as though caressing him. Okay, yeah, maybe romance novel material. (But insert different models, please.)

Can I just tell you that I love my husband?


During dinner this night, the dining staff decided to entertain us by performing the "Macarena" which was quite surprising and hilarious. Reed & Sandy decided to join in on the fun. And thus the laughs begin.

After dinner, we succeeded at completely embarrassing our parents again, this time by playing songs that remind us of them, some sentimental, others reminding of embarrassing moments and some just down right silly. Like Dad's Der Fuhrers's Face. 

I think I could officially call this a bi-polar night. Laughing and crying and laughing again, and crying again, almost instantaneously. Wouldn't have missed it for the world though.

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