Thursday, July 24, 2008

Strange visions, raging headaches.

I've been getting these strange headaches during the past couple of weeks. Now I am no stranger to migraines, not in the least. I'm used to seeing little floating sparkles and black specks, but I've had completely different visions. What I've seen looks somewhat like a halo or an aura that is crescent shaped. It is very geometric, like the crescent has dozens of prisms that are reflecting the northern lights at different angles and brightnesses. Like I'm looking into a portal to another dimension.

Whatever I am attempting to focus on, the sparkling seems to wrap itself around it. The first time it happened, I thought maybe my eye was wigging out. So I closed it. Still saw the sparkles. So I closed the other eye. Still sparkles. So I closed both eyes. Still sparkles. Okay, not my eyes. So it's something in my head. Great. That episode lasted an hour, then followed with a headache that felt like a vice grip around my crown, but also felt like extreme pressure from the inside, like the brain is swelling with every heart beat. I've experienced one or the other, but never both at the same time. I literally thought I was dying.

A few days past, then I had another sparkle vision, this time it lasted about 2 hours, then came the headache that had me vomiting.

Well, yesterday, I WOKE UP with the sparkling crescent already on display. Not a good sign. I went into work, did the best I could despite my vision being obstructed with this bright light refracting object. After 4 hours, it wasn't showing any signs of letting up, so I told the Chiropractor that I work with what has been happening, and asked if that sounds like it could possibly be an optical nerve impingement.

He sent me to the imaging center for an MRI immediately. He called them with instructions while I was on my way. Within a half hour of leaving my office, I was in the MRI tube. Then things got fun.

So in the MRI, the machine puts out all sorts of different vibrating (screeching) sounds at different frequencies that cause different responses in your body. Well, every 5 minutes or so, the machine does 3 long sounds that sound like the emergency broadcasting warning. Well, my body reacted to those. Every time (on the 3rd buzz, which is odd), my right arm all the way from my shoulder joint down to my fingers felt like it was being zapped & electrocuted. It was very painful! I told the tech afterwards, and he said he'd never heard about that before. I really wonder if it's connected.

So here's my questions:
First, has anybody had any headache/vision issues like that? If so, did you ever find out what it was? Is there something that triggers it? Is it treatable? Am I doomed for the rest of my life to have it conjure itself up at the most inopportune times?
Second, has anybody had an MRI that their body reacted to like that? Am I abnormal?


Heather said...

Okay I don't know the answer to the "normal" question. When have you ever been? Ha ha just kidding. Seriously, you need to go to a neurologist and see what they can figure out. Dr. Reichman and Dr. Gauffin are both excellent. I'm worried about these symptoms. What did the MRI show?

tyffanie said...

Sorry you are having such terrible headaches! Did they find out anything from the MRI? I hope you find something to help the visions and pain and nausea that accompany them. Let me know how you are doing!

Michelle said...

Everytime I'm about to get a migraine headache my vision gets all fuzzy.. its hard to explain.. but it pretty much looks like the static on the TV and sometimes I see these strings of light in my eye that look like worms. Its really weird and you cant explain it to anyone that has never experienced it before.

I have been to millions of doctors of all types to try and see what this is and I could never get an answer of what it was.

I used to get the headaches everyday and the only thing that made them go away was Massage.. and that is why I went to school for it.. so I could help people with headaches!

Now that I get massages regularly I only get these types of headaches once a month at the most.

Jaime Theler said...

That doesn't sound good at all. Let us know what they find out from the MRI.

Gerb said...

How are the headaches now? (I'm so late to this post!) The aural disturbances are common with migraines, though the sparklies maybe not so much. I've had those kind of floaters you describe for eons. Had Dr. Noble check them out way back when. With the onset of the headaches changing in intensity and/or location/variety, it's a bit of a concern. What did the MRI show? (FWIW, done that, too, but not with the kind of reaction you describe. Also have done EEGs and the brilliant diagnosis from all the tests is that I have migraines.) Runs in the family, sorry to say. I'm starting Topamax to try and prevent them or at least lessen the severity. I'll let you know how it goes.