Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 6 - June 19th SAN DIEGO!

Not that I was elated to get off the Elation, but I admit I was ready to have my feet on solid ground again. A weeks worth of rocking was more than enough for me. However, very appreciative of the experiences & opportunities I was given all the same. Seriously, a HUGE THANK YOU to Mom & Dad for making this possible. We love you!!!

We arrived at the pier and were off the boat much earlier that thought, so we had some time to kill while waiting for our ride. Thankfully the train station was only 2 blocks east of the boat, so we had somewhere to hang, and Nolan had something to entertain him while waiting.

Once we were with Kel, we drove around down town & did some typical touristy things: saw some interesting landscaping, visited some cool areas, ate some nummy food, and of course, went shopping in stores that only San Diego would have (besides Wal-Mart, of course).

The funny thing is that it was HOT! So the whole time on the cruise, the weather was overcast, windy and chilly. Then we get off the boat and it's over 100! Go figure. Yeah, if I had time, I would have definitely hit the beach and jumped in the freezing water just to cool off, something that was not an option on the cruise.

Once back at the airport, we were entertained by the new cleaning crew that was employed by the airport. They hopped around, quietly cleaning up all the crumbs that people left, relatively going unnoticed. I think the best part was that they were energy conscious, didn't have to run a vacuum at all! ;) Really though, the birds were cute, and I believe they have a nest in the terminal. It was a cute little way to end our trip, as we were awaiting the jumbo bird to arrive and take us back home to our family.

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