Monday, May 5, 2008

Don't like Utah weather? Wait 10 minutes, it'll change.

First of all, Utah has the most bi-polar weather I have ever experienced. It is not surprising that the body has a hard time adjusting to the freezing temperatures, to the heat, back to the freeze, back to the heat, etc. It's even worse when this vicious cycle is happening all in the same day! I laugh at the days (which are very frequent) that I have to scrape ice off the windows in the morning, then run the a/c in the afternoon. Combine this idiotic weather pattern with the massive amounts of pollen in the air from all the blooming grasses and trees, and you get one sick individual, which has a heck of a time shaking the illness. Which leads me to my lovely weekend.

Nolan has been battling the allergies and also a deep chest cold combined for over a month now. Because of the crazy weather fluctuations, (and him working outside in all the elements), he hasn't been able to shake it. His coughing was becoming so violent that it was causing him some frightening head pain, which he was dealing with for a week. Well, Friday he comes home from work with the sinuses cemented shut, so much congestion in his throat that he was "hacking up a lung" trying unsuccessfully to rid himself of the mucus, a fever accompanied with the sweats & chills, all over weakness, and of course, difficulty breathing. I talked with the on call Dr, and he wanted Nolan to go straight to the ER to be treated for PNEUMONIA! So I spent most of Thursday night in the ER with Nolan. Thankfully he did not have pneumonia, but a very aggressive bronchitis that was closing up his airways (and was well on its way to becoming pneumonia). The ER Doc described it as taking a straw, filling it with play dough, poking a hole in the dough with a pin and trying to breathe through it. The sinus crap from the allergies weren't helping the cause either. 

So I was taking care of a very sick hubby all weekend. How was your weekend? Anything eventful?

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Gerb said...

Aw, poor Nolan. : ( I hope he's feeling a bit better by now.