Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've been tagged!

And I never thought such a thing would ever happen to me. Awww, now I feel all important and such. ;)

Okay, here are 6 strange/quirky things about me... 

1- I have cat toes.

2- I apparently have an obsession with taking pictures of my feet. Case in point, see picture above. Then see pictures below...

3- I am anal about expiration dates, especially on bread and dairy items. I will hunt through milk (and will usually be satisfied when I find one in the very back) that has the furthest out expiration date, even though I know that I'll have the milk consumed waaay before the expiration date. Something about the numbers makes it taste better.

4- Automatic doors vs. regular doors at stores. If the automatic door is the only option, fine. If there's normal doors as well, I'll walk to the normal door and open it. I'm not afraid of automatic doors, not at all. It's just that I feel that if my arms are able to open it, then I'll open it. Automatic doors are for people in wheel chairs & women pushing big bulky strollers.

5- I hate it when people should me. I seriously hate it. Almost as bad as when I am lied to. A good example is when I switched car insurance a few years back. I insured my car with a nation wide company with an office within a mile of our house, that has a very high reputation and decent rates. I chose that company because I felt good about that company. Then I had a friend ask me who I got my insurance through, casual conversation, and when I told him, the first thing he said was "Urgh. You SHOULD have gotten your insurance with this (very unknown, unlocal and obscure) company." And he seriously got angry and started debating it with me about why I SHOULD have done this, and why I SHOULDN'T have done that! Okay, first, what do YOU have to gain by what I SHOULD have done? No, you don't own that insurance company, you don't work for that insurance company, and no, you won't even get a referral bonus. So why do you care what decisions I make for me? And second, I already did it, it's done and over with, the decision is in the past. Already decided. So regardless of how opinionated you are, it will never change the fact that I already did it. And yes, without consulting you first. 

I know it's an extreme example, but seriously I deal with this every day with little things too. "You should have gotten your milk at Allens because it's 15 cents cheaper there then at Wal-Mart." (Well, it will cost me more than 15 cents to drive there just for milk, so I'll just get it at Wal-Mart where I buy everything else anyway.) "You should have waited to put gas in your car, because Maverik just lowered the price 5 cents a gallon." (Well, how was I supposed to know that they were going to lower their prices? It's not like they put a sign out that says "Lower gas prices in a half hour. Come back then.") 

Seriously. Don't should me on stupid trivial things that really don't matter to you in the first place, and things that neither of us can do anything about anyway.

6- I am willingly & happily married to Nolan. What more can I say?

Okay, now to tag: Tyffanie, Jessica, Elisa, Heather, Linda & Britty. You're it!


Patrick and Jennie said...

Oh Donna I love this post so much. I love the feet pictures and also the Should thing.. that also bothers me but never really thought about it.. I just hate when people force their opinions on me and get mad if I dont. haha.

Michelle said...

Oh.. that was me that left that comment above.. I was with my sister earlier and I guess she signed in on my computer? haha sorry!

Deborah said...

It's very interesting to see how others see themselves. Love the feet.

Heather said...

Thanks for the tag. I had to think about myself for a while and was able to come up with a few strange things.

Jaime Theler said...

Love the quirks! I don't know that I've met many other feet-photo-philes (trying to think of a good word). But that's okay. I like you anyway. JK