Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tagged... I'm it!

For this tag (thanks Sarah) I get to post the 4th image in my 4th photo folder. Which happens to be this:

This was taken about a year ago, in my back yard. I had just purchased a macro lens set for my camera, and being the geek that I am, I was elated to have my first little photo shoot out in the rain! It made for some beautiful pictures, one of which I won an award for. I can't wait for my flowers to bloom again, so I can do it again. :)

 Now I tag... Michelle, Tyffanie, Heather, Lori-ann, and Amy. Yes, Amy, you are now officially obligated to start your own Clayson family blog... ;)


Lori-ann said...

Pretty picture! One of my favorites. But I'm a bit confused of the tag.. now what exactly am I supposed to do?

Donna said...

Assuming you have your pictures sorted into different folders, or events (Photo shoot with Cathy, kids at the park, Mackintosh Braun concert, etc...) You open folder #4, then post whatever picture is the 4th one, and tell a little bit about it. Does that make sense?

Jaime Theler said...

Now that's just a super-purty picture. Mine would probably be a close up of one of my children's nostrils (taken by another child). Yeah, they love the camera.