Saturday, October 18, 2008

I had a wonderful day!

Our little man was baptized on Saturday. He seemed so sure of his decision, and his elation at making a good choice was emanating from him all day. He was beaming. My only regret is that he changed out of his little suit before I was able to catch him on camera. I'll get one though. It was precious. My little man.

Look at how happy he is. Yes, the spirit was definitely rejoicing with him! What's funny, is that Forrest got to be baptized twice because his knee came up out of the water the first time. What's even funnier is that Emma had to be baptized twice as well, because her toe popped up out of the water. Not many people can say they got baptized twice in one day!

Nolan is a recent convert to the church. He was baptized in 2002. Nolan was saying that when he baptized Forrest, feelings and memories from his own baptism flooded over him, and the spirit touched him. It was obvious that he was overwhelmed with the spirit because he was choking up while performing the ordinance. I wish I knew what that felt like. I don't remember my baptism at all. Only that I waited a few months for my sister to return home from her mission in Finland so that she could be there.

After our get together at our house, I had the opportunity to attend another baptism. Now I'm not saying that Forrest's baptism wasn't special, not at all. But THIS particular baptism was really special, and was a huge huge blessing. I experienced a re-baptism of somebody who had been ex-communicated almost 2 decades ago, (unfortunately because of inappropriate and uncalled for doings of some of her church leaders at that time) and was very bitter, as anyone would be after experiencing what she did. Yes, this baptism was a big deal. Not only for her paradigm shift, and allowing the gospel to enrich her life again, but also because for this kind of baptism, the First Presidency has to approve it. How amazing is that, that President Monson, President Eyring & President Uchtdorf know about her, what she went through, what she's going through now, and gave her their blessings. Wow. Not many people have that privilege. The spirit was so strong in there. Her son who performed the ordinance was in tears, her son-in-law, who confirmed her, also chocked up during the blessing. There were very few dry eyes in that room. There were many many prayers that were answered that day. 

That experience reminded me that the gospel is true, but sometimes the members are not. They can either make or break the religion. When in doubt, get on your knees and pray. The Lord will comfort your heart.

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Lori-ann said...

It WAS a wonderful day, and I'm so glad that I was there to share it with you! (Not so glad about Ry-guy's tantrum during the confirmation, sorry about that!) I love your family and truly consider all of you family.